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By Vilain Comb

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The By Vilain Comb is a must have for all men. It keeps your hair detangled and anti-static. A perfect solution for men with short hair and/or the proud owners of a beard

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Rs. 1,199.00
Rs. 1,199.00



This By Vilain Comb keeps your hair free from tangles and is perfectly anti-static. Featuring fine spaced teeth and rounded tips, it is perfect for styling medium or fine textured hair.

  • Anti-static
  • Fine spaced teeth and rounded tips
  • Length: 180 mm.

Tip: If you are the proud owner of a beard, this comb will keep your beard in perfect condition as well.


Carbon Fiber

Customer Reviews

2 anmeldelser

Review by: Matt

Perfectly anti-static

I have been looking for a comb that does not scratch my scalp. Finally I've found it! This comb has perfect rounded tips and works perfectly for my fine hair.
Review by: Thomas

Great for my beard

I use this comb for my beard, which is about 4cm. If my beard get's any longer I think I'll need a comb with thicker teeth, but for a shorter beard, this comb works great.
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