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By Vilain Professional Tool Kit

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By Vilain Professional Styling Kit includes all you need to create the perfect hairstyle. A comb and a brush of your choice or a Freestyler. Get it now!

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Rs. 3,597.00

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Rs. 3,597.00
Rs. 2,699.00

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Rs. 3,597.00
Rs. 2,699.00
Rs. 3,597.00

Rs. 2,699.00



By Vilain Professional Tool Kit 

By Vilain Paddle Brush is a professional hair tool that will detangle all hair lengths, while smoothing and straightening. The cushioned, soft-ball tip quills gently massage the scalp whilst brushing.

By Vilain Skeleton Brush is a professional 2-sided hair tool that will detangle all hair lengths without snagging. The design secures maximum airflow directly at root level, which allows for a smoother blow-dry.

By Vilain Comb keeps your hair free from tangles and is perfectly antistatic. Featuring fine spaced teeth and rounded tips. Perfect for styling medium or fine textured hair. Remember, always comb the ends of your hair first and work slowly towards the roots.

By Vilain XL Comb creates amazing texture and strokes your waves into shape. On wet hair, the wide teeth gently detangle, avoiding damage and breakage. On dry hair, the anti-static carbon coating creates amazing definition, texture, and shine. A flick of this comb is all you need!

By Vilain Giant Comb is a must-have for all men with thich mid to long hair. It’s anti-static and keeps your hair in place. The perfect tool for stroking your waves into shape.

By Vilain Freestyler (8.45 fl.oz./250 ml) is a water spray especially designed for the quality-conscious man. It lets you re-style your hair quickly and smoothly. And the process of changing your hair during the day is now easier than ever.

By Vilain Cutting Comb has been designed to meet the highest standards of precision and quality.

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